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Ah! It’s finally warm enough to be outside for date nights so I really wanted to do something fun! Geoff and I decided to run to the grocery store and get whatever we could find for a picnic dinner. We weren’t very adventurous and got mostly prepared foods, but it would be so fun to get creative and then only eat with your hands! haha! We ended up with a sandwich wrap, some carrots, chips and drinks we’d never tried before. Then we jumped in the car and headed to Cress Creek. We went a different way then normal so we got a little lost and it took us longer to get there, but that was half the fun! Cress Creek is a nature trail up by Heise and Geoff and I went there all the time when we were dating in High School and College so it’s always fun to go back. We hiked up a little ways, found a bench and broke out our spread of food for dinner. We just ate and talked and enjoyed the view. It was so good to reconnect and spend some time outside before it gets too hot! I told Geoff on our way back to the car that I always loved going there because it reminds me of the first stages of our relationship and how fun that was. =)

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