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Bailey & Dan | Rexburg Idaho Wedding | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

When I asked about second shooting, Kendra from Miss E Studios said she’d love to have me come along for Bailey and Dan’s wedding day! And I am so grateful! Before I started second shooting, I thought I was the best photographer ever! I felt like I had enough experience that I didn’t need to second shoot. But, boy was I wrong. Bailey and Dan’s wedding was the first one that I second shot and I loved it! I loved being able to take a step back and focus on the details and get more creative shots. I loved being able to really capture Bailey and Dan’s relationship and the excitement they had on their wedding day. I even loved the candid shots of everyone trying to fix their hair because the wind was crazy!!

Another major thing I’ve learned from second shooting is how other photographers work. Some are very involved and like to know every person by name, others are more laid back and just focus on the couple. With Janelle Andersen of Janelle and Co, I learned a lot about taking a step back, literally! She takes so many shots of the whole landscape and I have never done that! I am so grateful for that because now I can see a wider variety of shots and I actually remember to take a step back.

Most of all, I have learned that it’s okay to grow and improve and learn from others. I realize now that I’m never going to become the photographer I want to be if I never try to improve my skills. I love weddings and I love capturing memories and emotions and I am so grateful I’ve had the opportunity to learn from so many amazing photographers!

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